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In my poor english

18 Abr

It was very funny what happened last Saturday during a trip that we made with my family and our friends across the lands of Navarro. We were heading up to the village, when we were undertaken by a foreign woman who needs transportation to the town. I, we, hesitate a little bit; due to her aspect, but my right side (it means, my good side, my angel side) convince me to lift her up. As soon as she sat in the car she began to talk about her life, her family and Las Marianas. She told us that she lives in this little town with her husband and two of her seven children. The others five live in the capital.
It doesn’t reach the five minutes of the trip that I, we, was drowning by a foul smell of a wine. A cheap wine, to be honest. A smell that got into my head and hit me like a crazy bird. I looked around the car first, looking if anyone else felt so nice that whiff, but no. O yes, perhaps they had been dizzy or perplexed. The issue is that this lady kept talking, talking, and scattering his breath everywhere, overwhelming our noses and knocking out his closest companion, in this case, my son and my wife. Because when I turned around I saw my lady, with an eye up and semi drugged. (más…)